13 junho 2009

Robert Longo


Untitled (Et In Arcadia Ego) 2009
Charcoal on mounted paper
152.4 x 289.6 cm
Untitled (cathedral of light) 2008-09
Charcoal on mounted paper
304.5 x 151.8 cm, each panel (5)
Untitled (The Sound of speed and light) 2009
Charcoal on mounted paper
151.8 x 242.6 cm

« I think I make art for brave eyes. I don't want to make art that will pat you on the back and tell you everything is going to be okay. I want to make something that's much more confronting. You don't look at it, it looks at you as much as you look at it. »

2 comentários:

OGC disse...

Ah bom.

Eu juro que quando olhei achei que era fotografia. Depois li 'carvão' e pensei: Ah bom.

Voltaire disse...

(daí ter posto a legenda, é carvão e giz e são paineis enormes...)