09 outubro 2010



Tired of supermarket shopping? Is it becoming a nightmare – up and down narrow aisles between high walls of brand-name uniformity, with the lights glaring down and canned music boring in, as you search desperately for one can of Cream of Mushroom, where every label reads Tomato?

Then you haven’t heard of MANZAK or the ELECTRONIC TOMATO.

MANZAK is our latest proposal for a radio-controlled, battery-powered electric automaton. It has on-board logic, optical range-finder, TV camera, and magic eye bump detectors. All the sensory equipment you need for environmental information retrieval, and for performing tasks.

Optional extras include response equipment for specific applications and subtasks to your own specification.

Direct your business operations, do the shopping, hunt or fish, or just enjoy electronic instamatic voyeurism, from the comfort of your own home.

For the great outdoors, get instant vegetable therapy from the new ELECTRONIC TOMATO – a groove gizmo that connects to every nerve end to give you the wildest buzz.


Warren ChalkDavid Greene and Ron Herron

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