18 julho 2010

dEUS - The Architect

What is the architect doing?
He is by the riverside
What is he thinking out there?
He is committing egocide
Now isn’t that a strange thing?
Well to him it feels just
Well we guess a person’s gotta do,
What a person feels he must

He said:
I won’t throw myself from the pier
I’m gonna go home and shut up for a year
And when the year is over I’ll reappear
And have a solution
I’ve reason to believe that what I find
Is gonna change the face of human kind
And all these years before well I was blind
That’s my conclusion
Cause I’m the architect
Cause I’m the architect
Cause I’m the architect

Now the man has understood
That outer space is overrated and too
About all the problems on this earth we should
Worry now to solve them later
And so he’s brooding and alluding on a perfect design
He thinks that working on behalf of himself is a crime
He flushes out by the water, a view so divine
He’s the architect of his own fate, a man in his prime

He said:
I won’t throw myself from the pier

And so he drew himself a pentagon
Thinking it through a geodesic dome
From the coast of Tahiti, to the hills of Rome
Step aside cause the man will take the Nobel prize home

He said:
I won’t throw myself from the pier

3 comentários:

Voltaire disse...

a ideia do post anterior de parar um ano lembrou-me desta música XD

OGC disse...

E essa ideia agrada-me profundamente. E dá-me alento para não desistir de algumas ideias malucas que de vez em quando me ocorrem, lol.

(gosto da música, mas não das vozes, o que me deixa algo indeciso sobre os dEUS. hei-de ouvir mais coisas.)

Carolina Búzio disse...

nice!!! Eu gostei :)

Concordo que as vozes não são propriamente características... ms ao menos tentam ter de certa maneira (pelo que me parece) uma "voz" diferente dos outros ao juntarem-se todos. não sei se me fiz entender...